Q: Are these real Carbon Fiber?

A: Yes! Our flaps are proudly made in Canada out of 5 layers of Carbon Fiber sealed together with clear resin. Each flap is CNC cut and inspected for defects prior to being packaged by hand.

Q: What size bit do I use to remove OEM screws?

A: T25 Torx

Q: How flexible/durable are they?

A: Each flap is extremely durable and flexible. We have tested a set on our daily drivers through all Canadian seasons and with some cleaning they look good as new. We've also attempted to break them in half - pictured below - and they can sustain a lot of bending.


Q: What's their purpose?

A: To protect your vehicles metal rockers from stone chips and rust. This is an especially sensitive area as it is normally exposed from factory.

Q: Do they come with hardware?

A: Yes! Each set contains high grade stainless steel hardware - Screws & washers. Included also are small plastic spacers or brackets for the rear. *Some styles may include plastic push-pins to replace OEM if necessary.

Q: How do I install them?

A: Please see install video below.